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 rojo gold medium Salsa - creation

Rojo Gold Salsa was developed in Memphis, TN in 1987.  It took over 23 years for Rojo Gold Salsa to find its place on the store shelves.  The 1987 salsa and the current salsa are two worlds apart. The 1987 salsa was good, but was not good enough to market. It pretty much tasted like Pace Salsa, which was the benchmark salsa at that time. In 1996, I developed a spice mix that gave my salsa a unique taste, but the spice needed adjustments.  Over the next 14  years, and 10 revisions later, and much feedback from friends and family, Rojo Gold was where it needed to be. On many occasions, my friends and family would tell me that I needed to "bottle that stuff and sell it". Maybe they were just joking, but I took them seriously. Rojo Gold Medium (Restaurant Style) Salsa was first introduced in EasyWay Stores May 6, 2011.

 rojo gold FIRST PRODUCTION - may 2, 2011



Low Sodium

If you are on a low salt diet, Rojo Gold Medium Salsa is the right choice for you.  There is only 105mg of sodium in one serving size (2Tbls.) 

Fat Free 

No oil added. Only 10 calories per serving (150 calories/jar). So do not feel guilty if you eat half a jar in one sitting,  I'm certainly guilty of this. Try with baked tortilla chips for a healthier option.  

No Preservatives 

Rojo Gold Salsa has a shelf life of 3 years, without preservatives. 


I run from this stuff. There are some health concerns with MSG, but most importantly, Rojo Gold Salsa does not need flavor enhancers.

No Sugar Added

There is enough natural sugars in the vegetables.

Rojo Gold salsa - not so chunky
Rojo Gold Salsa has a smooth texture that is "slightly chunky" which is similar to salsas served in Mexican restaurants.  Most of my friends, family, and general public that I have talked to, prefer a less chunky style salsa.  With less chunks, you can "Experience all of the flavors in one dip".

Cordova, TN. 38018

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